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QoD: Who Knows What About the Avante’ Experiments?

There is widespread evidence that hospitalizations among nursing home residents can be avoided.                                                         -Dr. Mark Bobek, Medical Director for CFIM Skilled Nursing Division 2012 Avanté and the Florida Department of Health...

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Providence Community Corrections (PCC) changed names the way folks change underwear. It was Camelot Care Corporation, owned by Phil Bredesen, who became Governor of Tennessee, and had investors like Judge Aleta Trauger when it was sold to Providence Service...

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The Elderly as Property: Avanté

  Subjecting residents at eleven (11) nursing homes to research studies/experiments without consent; Failure to test and treat patients diagnosed with chronic urinary tract infections for UTI(s); Failure to report or investigate allegations of rape; Failure to...

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Current Owners

The descendants Sisel and Samuel Klurman now own Avante’ Skilled Nursing Centers. Avante’ experimented on residents without consent, have been cited for safety & electrical hazards, for failing to provide a grievance process for residents and family surrogates,...

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Newsletter #1: aka

Standing, especially alone, is all kinds of hell in gasoline-soaked drawers hard– unless you’re a free bird – but the point is, you shouldn’t have to stand, alone, against corrupt practices and hostile treatment.  If people in positions of power and their agents would...

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Klurman History

THE AVANTE EXPERIMENT            The Klurmans, founders of Avante’ have a long history with nursing home scandals in New York dating back to the early 1970(s). In  1975, a United States Senate report detailed financial abuse and impropriety, violations of sanitary...

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