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There is widespread evidence that hospitalizations among nursing home residents can be avoided.                                                         Dr. Mark Bobek, Medical Director for CFIM Skilled Nursing Division 2012

Avanté and the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) are partnering on a new research study… The study will be carried out in the eleven (11) Avanté skilled nursing homes located throughout Florida.   -Avante’ Press Release 2013

Research Study to continue  -FDOH Health Care Association Conference 2014

“I never heard of the Avante’ UTI Research Study.” Dr. Gema Hernandez-Santiago

“I never heard of the Avante’ UTI Research Study.” Dr. Mark Bobek 2018

Avante’ has no documents relative to the Avante’ FDOH Urine Research Study. -Avante’ Attorney 2018

Q:  Progress Notes for Ms. —- for many years, all the way to February 2013, indicate a history of chronic urinary tract infections but from March 2013 forward, her history of chronic urinary tract infections is never circled or noted again in her medical history, but you say you don’t know why?

Dr. Mark Bobek: I don’t know.

Q: Would Avante’ or CFIM be responsible for recording this information?

Dr. Mark Bobek: CFIM.
Q:  And they would be working under your supervision?
Dr. Mark Bobek: Yes.
                                                                           Dr. Mark Bobek, CFIM, Avante’ & Vitas Physician 2018

AVANTE’ NURSING HOME PILOT PROJECT GOALS:  To reduce inappropriateantibiotic treatment amongresidents with no documented evidence of a UTI
-FDOH Health Care Association Conference 2014

My understanding is this was not a true research project.
– FDOH Division of Disease Control & Health Protection 2018

   “Ask Wendy Davis.”   Florida Dept. of Health 2018                                                    

   “Ask A.C. Burke.”   Florida Dept. of Health 2018

No urine was collected, the study only looked at old data from patient files.”
                                                                                                            -A.C. Burke, Former FDOH Employee 2018


Answer: Nobody seems to know nothing -Except Vista Labs:

Vista supplied results to the Avante’ Group as well as the FDOH for a yearlong study on the urine samples and cultures.     – VP Operation, Vista Clinical 2018

Vista Lab Says