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Failure to report or investigate allegations of rape; Going on vacation in lieu of reporting allegations of rape; Failure to obtain consents when prescribing and increasing psychotropic medications; Failure to monitor patients for Tardive Dyskinesia; Failure to order neurological consults for patients with Tardive Dyskinesia; Haphazard administration of psychotropic medications leading to loss of quality of life.  When was the last time you reviewed your medical records or the medical records of your loved one? Have you or your loved one been subjected to hostile treatment, medical practices, or procedures while in the care of Dr. Noel A. Figueroa aka Geri Psych Group LLC and Mindhope of Oviedo? If so, submit a form and share your experience today!



If someone you know is in a nursing home,
If you are thinking of placing someone in a nursing home,
Before YOU end up in a nursing home

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