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Some Companies, Communities, Courts, and their Agents Have a History of Hostility.


The Elderly as Property: Avanté

  Subjecting residents at eleven (11) nursing homes to research studies/experiments without consent; Failure to test and treat patients diagnosed with chronic urinary tract infections for UTI(s); Failure to report or investigate allegations of rape; Failure to...

Klurman History

THE AVANTE EXPERIMENT            The Klurmans, founders of Avante’ have a long history with nursing home scandals in New York dating back to the early 1970(s). In  1975, a United States Senate report detailed financial abuse and impropriety, violations of sanitary...

Current Owners

The descendants Sisel and Samuel Klurman now own Avante’ Skilled Nursing Centers. Avante’ experimented on residents without consent, have been cited for safety & electrical hazards, for failing to provide a grievance process for residents and family surrogates,...

Central Florida Inpatient Medicine

Failure to test and treat patients diagnosed with chronic urinary tract infections. Failure to obtain medical consents when prescribing and increasing psychotropic medications; Failure to disclose or treat tardive dyskinesia’; Manipulating medications


  $75M in fines to the Gov’t but what about the Patients who suffered the abuses? Manipulating medications to increase patient distress levels and corporate profits; Failure to obtain consent when discontinuing critical medications; Administering medication by mouth to patients at high risk of aspiration.  Failure to test for and treat urinary tract infections; Vitas operates in 15 states and the District of Columbia. 


  Failure to report or investigate allegations of rape; Going on vacation in lieu of reporting allegations of rape; Failure to obtain consents when prescribing and increasing psychotropic medications; Failure to monitor patients for Tardive Dyskinesia; Failure to...

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Avante’ Experimented on Residents in Eleven (11) Nursing Homes in Florida




  • Urinary Tract Infections are common in the elderly and often cause delirium.

  • Delirium can be mistaken for Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

  • A diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s gives doctors the power to declare incompetency.



  • Doctors are then free to prescribe powerful, side-effect laden drugs, all without consent.

  • Delirium may have negative, irreversible impacts on prior mental functioning in the elderly.

  • Untreated UTI(s) are usually painful and can lead to deadly conditions like sepsis.

Elderly/Disabled Slavery Flow

How easy is it to turn a citizen into property?

Wickedly easy! Follow the flow to see how Avante’, CFIM & their affiliates do it.

Citizen admitted to a nursing home with a history of corruption, like Avante’ Orlando.

Citizen, now a Resident of Avante’ Orlando, is given no choice relative to Primary Care Physician PCP = Central Florida Inpatient Medicine (CFIM).

Resident is subjected to abuse, experimentation, and/or substandard care.

Resident & family members/surrogates are denied access to grievance processes.

When Resident’s Health Declines:


A.    Increase in PCP billings for facility  visits (CFIM).

B.   Hospice Care (Staffed by CFIM = increase in billings)

C.   AdventHealth ER (Staffed by CFIM = increase in billings)

D.   Death

AdventHealth fka Florida Hospital Case Managers coordinate all nursing home placements – Patients/Family/Surrogates are excluded from the process.

AdventHealth consults with CFIM regarding hospital admission decisions for nursing home residents.

Patients are routed back to Avante’ Orlando = Central Florida Inpatient Medicine

Do You Know Dirt About Avante’, CFIM, Vitas, Dr. Figueroa, or AdventHealth?

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MCA is a nationwide database designed to accept and compile complaints, track trends, unite victims and seek legal justice.

Don’t Settle For Less

Federal Judge rules it's unconstitutional for Tennessee to revoke driver's licenses from people who can't pay court costs, affecting 250,000. Similar laws exist in states across the USA.

Memphis-based Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association filed a class-action suit against Stine Seed Co., claiming Stine targeted African-American farmers for sales of defective seeds.


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