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Central Florida Inpatient Medicine

Dr. Mark Bobek   &    CFIM Attorney

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Failure to test and treat patients diagnosed with chronic urinary tract infections. Failure to obtain medical consents when prescribing and increasing psychotropic medications; Failure to disclose or treat tardive dyskinesia’; Manipulating medications to increase patient distress levels and corporate profits; Failure to obtain consent when discontinuing critical medications; Administering medications by mouth to patients on feeding tubes and at high risk of aspiration. CFIM operates as Primary Care Physicians in 41 nursing homes in Central Florida and as Emergency Room Physicians at AdventHealth (formerly known as Florida Hospital). HealthEdge Investment Partners LLC purchased CFIM in March 2017.  When was the last time you reviewed the medical records of your loved one(s)? Has your loved one been subjected to experiments, hostile treatment, medical practices, or procedures while under the care of CFIM doctors, support physicians, or advanced registered nurse practitioners? If so, submit a form and share your experience today!

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CFIM – Patient Visit Bonus Program Employment Breach

CFIM Patient Bonus Employ. Breach Production

CFIM Employ. Affirm. Defense

Death by Avante’

Bobek – Medical Director CFIM SNF Article

Avante Florida Department of Health Partner on Research Study

If someone you know is in a nursing home,
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