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Manipulating medications to increase patient distress levels and corporate profits; Failure to obtain consent when discontinuing critical medications; Administering medications by mouth to patients on feeding tubes and at high risk of aspiration.Failure to test for and treat urinary tract infections; Dosing patients with massive amounts of morphine and Haldol.  A subsidiary of Chemed (Roto-Rooter), Vitas serves patients in more than 15 states and Washington, DC and is currently under monitoring by the Inspector General’s Office due to fraud. At Avante’, Central Florida Inpatient Medicine doctors serve as PCP and as Hospice physicians. When was the last time you reviewed the medical records of your loved one? Has your loved one been subjected to experiments or hostile medical practices and procedures while under the care of Vitas? If so, submit an incident form and share your experience today! 

DOJ $75M Fine Chemed-Vitas Hospice

If someone you know is in a nursing home,
If you are thinking of placing someone in a nursing home,
Before YOU end up in a nursing home or in need of hospice care

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