Newsletter #1: aka

Standing, especially alone, is all kinds of hell in gasoline-soaked drawers hard– unless you’re a free bird – but the point is, you shouldn’t have to stand, alone, against corrupt practices and hostile treatment. 

If people in positions of power and their agents would just act right…if only God’s Golden Rules could be invoked in Courts… if, if, if ain’t gettin’ or, isn’t getting, it done so Welcome to Mass Class Actions, a work in progress, working for progress.

Now, there are bound to be blips and bounce backs as this database was launched April 1, 2018 and may be feeling overwhelmed but, rest assured, updates will occur as data is processed so please practice patience and persistence when visiting this non-hostile space.

Updates to the Top Ten post on the home page while more detailed listings may appear on the News Page or in future editions of our Newsletter which may be available to affected members of this database only. Take a second to check out our News Page. Really.

We’re new so there’s not much here but browse away, then, Pray for our Communal Success as we NAME THEM.

Welcome to Class! Your Mass Class Actions Team