On October 1, 2015, Equal Justice Under Law and the law firm Baker Donelson filed a landmark RICO and constitutional class action lawsuitRodriguez v. Providence Community Corrections — in federal court in Nashville, Tennessee challenging the predatory practices of PCC, accusing its employees of extorting, threatening, and abusing probationers who were poor. On September 18, 2017, PCC and Rutherford County agreed to a settlement. The settlement, for $14.3 million, will compensate nearly 30,000 Tennesseans for fees that PCC was alleged to have extorted out of probationers. PCC is paying $14 million for the class members, and Rutherford County is contributing $300,000.

  1. PCC, a subsidiary of Providence Service Corporation, operated in partnership with Courts in Williamson County TN, Rutherford County TN; Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Washington.
  2. Beginning in 1998, multiple lone Plaintiffs filed suit against PCC, asserting similar claims; only to have their cases dismissed by the Courts.
  3. The settlement is silent relative to the criminal records of the victims subjected to the RICO practices of PCC and their Court partners.
  4. The settlement is silent relative to the Judges and District Attorneys who participated in extortion and racketeering.
  5. Lack of Accountability = Fertile Breeding Ground for New Manifestations of NAS + CL
  6. Providence Services Corp. sold PCC to Pathways by Molina in 2015.
  7. In TN, Molina operates as Camelot Care Centers which was formally Providence Community Correction f/k/a Camelot Care Corporation.
  8. The “visionary” behind Providence Service Corp., Fletcher McCusker, has a new company, Sinfonia. *Don’t overlook the first three letters of Sinfonia.

New Age Slavery (NAS) aka Financial Slavery (FA) – Convoluted schemes designed to keep subjugation in place. 

Civil Lynching (CL) – The process of, and most likely outcome, when a lone, victimized minority sues a company or government entity for damages; esp. in the presence of a jury comprised solely of the social majority.